New Restaurant [Leckermaul] will open at Roppongi this coming November. 2013/10/11  (Date:2013.10.11)

New Restaurant [Leckermaul] will open at Roppongi this coming November produced by Katrin’s Flammkuchen.

You can eat Flammkuchen, etc.   You can drink Wine, Beer, etc.


(address) 7-3-17 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo

Attend the Deutschlandfest 2013  (Date:2013.09.12)

11 Oct 2013 – 14 Oct 2013

AoyamaPark ( roppongi 7cho-me,  Minato-ku)

Appeared in NEWS EVERY  (Date:2013.04.29)

Appeared in TBS  (Date:2013.04.27)

Appeared in TVK  (Date:2013.04.26)

Attended the Yokohama Fruhlings Fest  (Date:2013.04.24)

2013 April 26 – May 6
Yokohama Red Bricks Warehouse

Attended the Food Festa at National-Azabu  (Date:2013.04.24)

2013 April 28

Opened a catering car shop at Iias Tsukuba  (Date:2013.04.24)

2013 April 27 – 29 , May 3 – 6

Appeared in L4YOU  (Date:2012.12.20)

Appeared in Yajiuma-TV  (Date:2012.12.13)