Aired on J-WAVE  (Date:2012.12.03)

Attended the Xmas Market  (Date:2012.11.26)

December 2012
Roppongi Hills

Attended the fair of Germany and Northern Europe  (Date:2012.11.26)

December 2012
Hiroshima Mitsukoshi

Attended the German Xmas market in Tsuzuki  (Date:2012.11.22)

December 2012

Attended a German Festival 2012  (Date:2012.10.02)

October 2012

Attended the European Food Fair  (Date:2012.08.28)

September 2012
Attended the European Food Fair in Tsuruya department store

Metropolis  (Date:2012.06.02)

Started sales by catering car shops  (Date:2012.06.01)

Attended the German Festival of the150th anniversary of Japan-Germany friendship  (Date:2011.10.18)

The start of Katrin’s Flammkuchen  (Date:2011.04.12)